A few words about us

Our Company

Caribbean Cyber Forensic 360 Inc. (CCF 360 Inc.) is an Information Security Advisory Services and Consulting company founded by highly qualified and experienced consultants specializing in all aspects of the Information Forensics discipline throughout the Caribbean. Our goal is to continue building human capital by offering the best in security advisory services, courses and equipment aimed in moving the region towards greater self-sufficiency, thus reducing out-sourcing costs while maintaining the highest levels of security in each jurisdiction.

Our focus is to advance Cyber and Digital Forensics capabilities within the Caribbean to protect all citizens and visitors, and to safeguard a significant component of their children’s future, through the appropriate use of technology.

Our highly-qualified specialists

Jamal Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

Through a strong emphasis on attention to detail, time management and optimum service, he is an outstanding contributor to the team in its quest to promote Cyber awareness and safe practices in the digital world.

Yeona Charlemagne-Morgan


As a professional in the constantly evolving financial sector with a passion for Logistics and Supply Chain, she continuously focuses on the importance of stakeholder privacy and information, which fosters her contribution to and the promotion of Cyber Security and Awareness in a digital environment.

Kerri-Ann Cumberbatch

Web Developer

Continuously developing business' image through creativity of mind by building and designing websites, graphics, SEO strategies, online marketing tools & Social Media.